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The award winning fluffy soft to touch Fuku-Fuku Gauze in blanket form.
What is Fuku-Fuku Gauze?
The six-layer Fuku-Fuku Gauze is woven from three different types of thread: the outer layer is woven in thin thread, and as the layer deepens, a thicker thread is used. This allows the outer layer to quickly absorb moisture while drying quickly even on humid days, and creates layers of air that helps to keep the warm air in on cold days.
Breathable and Quick Drying
Designed to keep your little one comfortable year-round. Luxuriously soft and breathable, this sleep bag keeps cool by quickly absorbing sweat on hot days and retains warmth on chilly nights.
Gets Softer With Each Wash
The six-layer gauze material gets softer with each wash, enveloping your little one in a cocoon of coziness and luxury.
Japanese Craftsmanship
To maintain high quality, theFuku-Fuku Gauze must be woven at a very slow pace – about 2.5m per hour. This premium gauze is made from the unwavering commitment from Japanese artisans to provide the highest quality to your little one.

Details & Care

Made in Japan
Materials: 100% Cotton

Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm with like colors
Line dry in the shade
Wet cleaning, gentle
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not use optical brighteners
You can wring it out to dry

Mini 35cm x 58cm
Baby 90cm x 110cm
Kids 108cm x 134cm
Adult 140cm x 200cm