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A set of baby toothbrushes that will help you get into the habit of brushing your own teeth. The grip shape is easy for even babies to hold, and it comes with a safety plate that won't hit your baby's throat.

Stage 1: around 4-5months with approximately 0-4 teeth

By starting "gum massage" before the teeth emerge, blood flow to the gums will improve to help baby feel comfortable. You can help your baby associate this good feeling with a toothbrush from a young age, to help them form the habit of teeth brushing everyday. We hope you will love your first toothbrush by massaging your gums with the soft rubber bristles.

Stage 2: around 9 months with approximately 5-8 teeth

By around 9 months, the front teeth begin to line up. Your baby will naturally get used to the habit of teeth brushing. You can massage their gums using this toothbrush with soft, ultra-fine bristles.

Stage 3: around 12 months with approximately 9-11 teeth

Babies can start practicing brushing their own teeth from around 12 months old. This soft, extra-fine toothbrush is soft and gentle on teeth and gums.

Details & Care

Made in Thailand
Bristle part processed in Japan

Handle Main body: Polypropylene
Ruber part: Thermoplastic elastomer
Brush Head Stage 1 and 2 rubber part: Thermoplastic elastomer
Stage 2 and 3 bristle part: Nylon Safety plate: Polypropylene

Care Instructions:
Stage 1 brush and safety plate: Boiling and microwave safe
Stage 2 and 3 brush: Do not boil or microwave